Deep Healing Brings Peace

I work with healing modalities that reach deep into the unseen levels of your being, where the trauma and the gifts of your soul reside. Working together we can shift and remove blocks, allowing healing and deep awakening to happen on many different levels.



Access and understand your Soul’s Purpose.


  • Heal grief and traumas including ancestral trauma
  • Awakening of Soul’s Gifts
  • Clear Energy Blocks
  • Soul Integration
  • and more


I assist my clients to release and heal deep trauma such as old wounds, PTSD, and grief. We carry the wounds of our ancestors in our DNA. The sessions I offer can assist in removing eons of trauma that has been trapped in your genetic makeup healing the individual, as well as their family and future generations.

Candice Souza

Quantum Access®

Through the gradual healing and clearing of dense trauma, ancestral patterning, and core wounding, we evolve into higher 5th dimensional frequencies, open communication with our higher self and deep Soul embodiment.

Akashic Readings

To Know Oneself. The Akashic Records hold information about your soul’s past, present and possible future. Accessing your records will help give you greater clarity and deeper wisdom for your life. 

“I recently had the pleasure of receiving an Akashic Reading from Candice Souza. What an eye-opening experience! Candice was able to tap into knowledge from my records that helped me to facilitate healing on a level that I hadn’t discovered yet. The information she received was clear, concise, and showed me where I need to direct my thoughts and actions to continue my spiritual growth. She is highly intuitive, caring and brings a warm, inviting energy to the reading. I highly recommend utilizing her talents in your own journey! Thank you Candice!”


So. California

Candice Souza

Soul Growth Facilitator

  • Certified Quantum Access Practitioner
  • Akashic Records Guide
  • Gridworker

I’d Love to Help

About Quantum Access …

Core Wound Healing
All healing leads to the original core wound – the disconnection from divine Soul Presence and Source Creator. The primal wound of separation from Soul Presence creates tiny cracks and fissures in the human psyche and aura … leading to the development of the shadow subconscious, or Ego identity. The Ascension process involves piecing yourself back together, to become a whole, complete divine human.
The emotions reveal the hidden nature of the subconscious where it interacts with the body – emotions are biochemical reactions in the body to your thought patterns, opinions, beliefs, and perceptions.
Trauma and PTSD

Quantum Healing helps to work on the deep levels where wounds occur. Clears and removes blocks that keep us stuck in the trauma.

Know Yourself

Understanding your Soul’s Purpose and knowing your true self guides you through life’s choices.

Military, Vets and First Responders

I believe that part of my purpose is to help our Military, Vets and First Responders.

The people who serve our country and defend our lives deserve our attention. Through their work they often suffer from PTSD, depression, grief and trauma.

This work is the best I’ve found for helping to heal these wounds.

I offer a 15% discount to members of these groups.